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What is Trauma?

Trauma is defined as what happens in the body following experiences that are too overwhelming for our nervous system to fully cope or comprehend. It alters the way in which we make sense of our world, our responses or interactions. Trauma can happen from any event or events that are overwhelming for an individual ranging from Acute trauma (Single Incidents), Chronic Trauma (Repeated or Prolonged events) or Complex Trauma (Varied & Multiple events).

How Can Yoga Help?

Trauma Informed Yoga (TIY) is an individualised approach towards befriending the nervous system & inviting ourselves back to the body in a safe way. Quite often Trauma can lead to feeling unsafe in our bodies & keeps us held in the past. By safely bringing ourselves back to the present we can allow our nervous system the opportunity to recover & begin the natural healing process. TIY works to allow individuals experiencing trauma symptoms to stabilize, process & integrate understandings of their own nervous system while working within their window of tolerance. TIY allows the body to heal without the story being repeated which is useful when the story of trauma is simply too overwhelming.Through co-regulation & collaboration, we work towards understanding your nervous system while creating safety, choice, trustworthiness and empowerment

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Who can benefit from Trauma Informed Yoga?

Trauma informed yoga can help those who have found themselves experiencing trauma symptoms such as anxiety, depression, hyperarousal, poor or no memory of events, confusion or dissociation amongst many other unexplained symptoms. You may also find TIY to be helpful if you experience overwhelming emotions, frequent changes to your emotional state or are in need of some support following big changes to your life.

You may also find it useful if talking therapies are no longer providing to be as effective or can work alongside other therapies to help support the physical & emotional responses resulting from Trauma.


Sessions can be held in person either in your own home, at a dedicated home studio or at Growth & Gratitude Studio for an additional fee.

Each session is no more than 1 hour in length with a recommendation of a minimum of 12 sessions.

The amount of sessions required will vary for everyone & can be purchased in a block of 6 sessions at £360 following a 30 minute Intake discovery call.

To enquire about Trauma Informed Yoga Sessions or to be added to our waiting list, click the below link to send us an email & we will contact your shortly.

Meet your Teacher

Katie Winder, founder of Growth & Gratitude, is an accredited Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher with Trauma Therapy Manchester. She specialised within this field to help others regain a sense of safety within & to begin the natural healing response in the body.


Her special interests into Trauma Recovery come from her own lived in experience in healing from Trauma & CPTSD. For over 12 years she has continuously explored yoga & it's benefits on mental health.


Like most healing journeys, it wasn't linear & after becoming a yoga teacher she found herself drawn towards the nervous system & trauma in aid of her self journey. Now, she is dedicated to guiding others towards finding their own healing journey & continues her dedication towards studying somatic movement, Yoga & mindfulness as well as exploring the importance of creativity.

She offers Trauma Informed Yoga through small Group Intake Sessions here at the studio which currently run 3 times per year. You can also book private Trauma Informed Yoga with her via our Private & Corporate Page.

You can read more about Trauma Informed Yoga here

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Katie is a very compassionate and intuitive teacher. It was an absolute pleasure to take her classes.

Trauma Informed Yoga Student

Wellness Coach

Katie was always welcoming and friendly but remained professional at all times.

I would definitely recommend both Katie and this course.

Trauma Informed Yoga Student

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