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Sacred Sister Lunar Circle

With Niamh Drain of Selenite Sister Friday 24th May | 7pm

Event Details

Women have been gathering in ‘Sister Circles’ for centuries…it’s a way for women to honour themselves, and the feminine that resides within all women. It connects women to their spirituality, ancient practices and allows space for awakening your intuition, attuning to your feminine power and ground with the earth. Women’s circles provide a safe and sacred space, without judgement or fear, to be completely yourself, whilst feeling the support and love of fellow women…sisters. Within us all, there is a little ‘witch’…a magic that we all possess…that magic is our personal power, which fused together in a women’s circle, is truly transformative. These circles are a space, where women come to set intention, create rituals, let go, feel, journal, meditate, craft, create crystal magic & connect with our inner witch… Come and be a part of the sisterhood…you are invited to be a part of our monthly Sacred Sister Lunar Circle, where we create magic through lunar energy. Each circle is focussed on the specific moon of that month…we tap into the meanings and the offerings each moon provides. Niamh will guide you on how you can cultivate moon energy to create healing, self-love, banishing negativity and how to work with crystals around the moon! There is an innate connection between women and the moon…in many cultures, the moon is often referred to as a feminine energy. She has power over our waters, she affects our mood, our menstrual cycles align with her cycles, her energy can be used for spiritual connection with divine beings, she can be used for meditation…manifestation. When gathered together, to celebrate and work with the moon…her energy can be heightened and used for extraordinary things… In this upcoming Sacred Sister Lunar Circle, we will be celebrating and working with the Flower Moon for May! Symbolic of new life and the blossoming of the earth around us. We will work with the Flower Moon to encourage self-growth and flourishment within ourselves, to blossom into our best and most beautiful self. We will honour the importance of cycles: life, earth, moon and menstrual cycles and welcome in abundance, rebirth and positive change…a celebration of Spring and the journey to Summer! What to expect - Welcome blessings/setting the circle - Cacao ceremony for grounding & intention setting - Full Moon ritual – Specific to the Full Moon of the month and the offerings it provides - Journaling with Full Moon prompts - Group Crystal Healing - Closing ceremony

  • 35 British pounds

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